Profile Setup

Profile Setup and Updates

Thank you for filling out the Membership Application!  You now get to set up your online profile if you have not previously registered on our website.  This will allow visitors to the website to search for you from our “Find a Lawyer” page. To help you set up your account you can find a guide on this page below. Follow the steps in the guide on this page and your account will be set up, pending verification from the website administrator.  If you have any questions, feel free to email and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

If you have previously set up a profile, please select “Edit My Profile” and select your name from the list presented to you. The instructions for new profile pages will help you understand how to edit the page.

All of the information will be public-facing on the “Find a Lawyer” page. If you have any corrections to make to your application submission, please contact


If you are setting up a new online profile, please select “Set Up My Online Profile” and you should see a profile editor appear. For the title at the top, please enter your name. This is how the public will see your name on the website under the “Find a Lawyer” page.

Contact Information

Below the title, you should see a section titled “Lawyer Information” where you can add in all of the information the public would use to get in contact with you. Please make sure the correct information is entered in the correct field to prevent errors publishing the page. If you do not have a website, you may leave that area blank or put a message such as “No website at this time”.

Areas of Practice

To add your areas of practice, look for a right sidebar if you are on a desktop computer, or keep scrolling down on a mobile device until you find a section titled “Tags”. Each item listed is an area of practice, and to add one to your profile, check the box next to the appropriate areas of practice. If one does not exist or you are unable to add any, please email for assistance.

Profile Information

To add your profile information, such as a biography or a summary of your legal experience, look for a blank text editor immediately below the “Lawyer Information” section filled out earlier.

Saving, Publishing, and Updating

When you are ready to have your page displayed on the “Find a Lawyer” page, please look for a section in the sidebar (on desktop computers) or between the Profile Information and Tags sections (on mobile devices) titled “Publish”. There should be a button that will either say “Publish”, “Update”, or “Save as Pending”. Please select one of those buttons and email if this is your first time setting up your profile so it can be reviewed.

Welcome back!

Welcome Back!

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